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Improved Patient Access to Behavioral Health Services


At SPS, patients can obtain many of their needed services from our team of psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers, all in the same warm and attentive environment. SPS is designed to act as an extension of your health care team for improved access to our full range of behavioral health services for your patients.



Notification sent directly to PCP

Ongoing flow of  information

•  Triage mental health issues quickly and efficiently increasing patient access

•  Increase likelihood of engagement with timely patient contact

•  Continuous exchange of pertinent information between providers

•  Increase medication adherence

PCP Referral Network Program for Management

SPS has an established referral network program for our referring PCPs that are inclusive of timely patient access, ongoing communication and integrated quality care.


Benefits to Your Practice

• Timely patient contact to increase the likelihood of engagement

• Continuous exchange of pertinent information between providers regarding treatment

• Patient guidance on properly communicating their needs to their PCP

• Increased medication adherence

• Better patient outcomes and quality of care


Our Approach

• Collaborative team approach to patient care

• Evidence-based care model

• Individualized, tailored treatment

• Holistic and lifestyle-oriented

About Strategic Psychological Services

Located in Warwick, Rhode Island Strategic Psychological Services offers adult, child, marriage, and family counseling as well as diagnostic mental health assessments and consultations. Specialty services include parenting classes, weight management programs and treatment for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, addiction and more. Our experienced team of psychologists, clinicians and social workers are here to help.

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