Parenting Program

Children don't come with instructions. People are trained to be bankers, teachers, mechanics, geologists, carpenters, pianists, accountants, etc. Yet, although being a parent may be the most important and at times the most difficult job, very few people have the skills to get children to cooperate without nagging, yelling, bribing or punishing.


Our parent program can answer this need.  We use a method that shows parents how to raise cooperative, happy children.


The parenting program is an effective, seven-session planned training curriculum that focuses on topics important to parents today. This course provides valuable tools, which improve communication among family members, and lessens conflict.  Easy to understand and apply, it presents effective skills that can be used immediately.


For parents of school-age children - ages 6 through 12.


The parenting program delivers these topics in just 7 sessions

1. Understanding Yourself and Your Child

2. Understanding Beliefs and Feelings

3. Encouraging Your Child and Yourself

4. Listening and Talking to Your Child

5. Helping Children Learn to Cooperate

6. Discipline that Makes Sense

7. Choosing Your Approach


To request more information on our Parenting program or to get the program schedule please contact us.


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