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Strategic Pyschological Services

School Based Services

Integrated School Psychologist Services

Certified School Psychologist are available to provide short and/or long-term coverage of vacancies. They are available for placement within your buildings and assume all duties required by your district.

School Based Testing Services

Certified School Psychologists are available on a per diem or case by case basis. They can attend team meetings to assist in determining if formal evaluation is necessary, complete evaluations (cognitive, educational, behavioral, adaptive, etc.), consult with school staff etc.

Our flexible team is available and ready to assist at any portion of process from eligibility to service recommendations and program design.


Diagnostic Clinical Evaluations

Our team of licensed and certified psychologists are available to work with your team to perform diagnostic clinical evaluations. We integrate home and school data to provide treatment/support recommendations within the school setting.

Social/Emotional support for IEPs or trainings/classes

Certified School Psychologist and Social Workers are available to provide IEP/504 required counseling services, skills training, groups, etc.

School Based Outpatient Counseling

Licensed mental health providers with school-based experience are available to bring outpatient counseling services to your students.


We will provide services within the school setting to eliminate barriers to  engaging in treatment (transportation, family engagement, etc).


Services will  be billed through student insurance coverage, so there is no cost to school districts.

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Phone   401-785-0040

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About Strategic Psychological Services

Located in Warwick, Rhode Island Strategic Psychological Services offers adult, child, marriage, and family counseling as well as diagnostic mental health assessments and consultations. Specialty services include behavior management, treatment for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, addiction and more. Our experienced team of psychologists, clinicians and social workers are here to help.

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Strategic Pyschological Services